Queen Mary’s court encompasses the collective brilliance of aged wisdom and spry innovation; we are a close group working together to provide people with a better condiment experience.

Our mission is to banish “condiment cemeteries” from all fridges nation-wide and replace them with products that can be used every day of the week.

The condiment cemetery is the unfortunate consequence of purchasing sub-par products that are used once or twice and then placed back in the fridge never to be seen again until the next spring cleaning session.

Not only are condiment cemeteries wasteful, they are costly.  Purchasing products for their value instead of their cost is the mind-set of an economically smart consumer.

What makes our products valuable?

  • High quality ingredients
  • Made from a local, trustworthy producer
  • Practicality in the kitchen

Using our products until its last drop is not only the surest sign of value, but the sincerest form of flattery!


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