Canada Cuts The Mustard


The Canadian Mustard Seed Industry

Queen Mary is directly involved with the Canadian mustard seed industry, thereby supporting a thriving agricultural industry that is propelled by local and international demands for high quality, non-GMO seeds that can be modified into a number of mustard products.  Queen Mary only uses these high quality seeds because they are the best tasting and most trustworthy source of Canadian goodness.

Unbeknown to many, Canada has a highly prosperous mustard seed industry.  The second largest country in the world is first in mustard production and exporting. Its neighbours to the south are consistently demanding a great need for this tiny seed; the United States is where most of the mustard is exported.  In fact, most European and American mustard brands use Canadian mustard seeds. Almost all mustard brands are selling a Canadian ingredient back to Canadians; the mustard seed quality will always be the same, it is the creation process that makes the real quality difference.

Mustard seeds are cultivated in the Canadian Prairies, and Canada’s oldest mustard mill is located in Hamilton, Ontario.  Canada has the highest safety and quality standards for its mustard, and exclusively grows non-GMO crops.  The Government of Canada invests millions of dollars to support and strengthen Canada as the leading mustard authority.   Canada surely has a humble love for mustard and can easily claim its expertise and excellence in this industry.

Mustard is made by using whole or milled seeds combined with ingredients such as spices, herbs, wine, verjus, vinegar, and many other complementary ingredients.  Most importantly, mustard needs to age in order for the taste to be palatable and have depth.  After five to 10 days, the mustard has fully matured, but it can sit for weeks and like a fine wine gets better with age. Additionally, some mustards will have a familiar sulphuric scent.  The spice Turmeric is used to give mustard that familiar yellow colour, but it is rarely used in many gourmet mustards, as a more natural colour is desired.

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