Classic Dijon


Classic Dijon Mustard

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If this was the 17th century, Queen Mary would be run out of town for her spin on this classic favourite!  Made with the addition of local ver jus (pinot noir grape juice) and a unique spice-blend, its natural warmth delivers incredible depth and finish on the palate.  Having plenty of versatility, it can be used to enhance the flavours of succulent meats, vinaigrettes, marinades, and as the classic accompaniment for cheese or pate sandwiches.

Nothing artificial.  All natural.

  • Low in calories, with virtually no sodium or sugar and free of gluten and unhealthy trans-fats.
  • Our source –100 per cent Canadian grown and milled, non-GMO mustard seeds.


Ingredients: Water, mustard seeds, white vinegar, verjus
(pinot noir grape juice, potassium metabisulfites,
sorbate), evaporated cane juice, salt, spices.

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