Creamy Crunch


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Grainy texture, popping flavour, and visual appeal, Creamy Crunch Mustard is the perfect blend of whole yellow and brown mustard seeds suspended in a luscious base.  With robust taste and bursting textures this mustard enhances sauces, marinades and sandwiches.  Dinner is a cinch if you rub it directly onto tuna steaks and beef tenderloins.

Nothing artificial. All natural.

  • Low in calories, with virtually no sodium or sugar and free of gluten and unhealthy trans-fats.
  • Our source –100 per cent Canadian grown and milled, non-GMO mustard seeds.


Ingredients: Mustard seeds, water, white vinegar, evaporated cane juice, verjus (pinot noir grape juice, potassium metabisulfites, sorbate), spices, salt.

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