Reviews & Raves


“Mary has just raised the bar for Canadian mustards!”

Chris Klugman, local chef/consultant

“Queen Mary mustards are cutting it! Thick and creamy, they will not run off during roasting or cooking.  Fantastic, great variety.  Real mustard. No artificial flavours to accommodate anyone’s taste.”

René Cornu, local chef

“This one [Creamy Crunch] could easily become a kitchen staple.  Not only perfect for the occasional rare roast beef sandwich, but for adding to marinades, vinaigrettes and stews…the list is endless.”

Elspeth Copeland of EC Consulting, Product Development Consultants

“I’ve never tasted anything like this before!”

Peter Neal, co-owner of Neal Brothers

“Queen Mary’s mustards are an essential accompaniment to most meals.”

Carol Tanenbaum, philanthropist

“What is this stuff?  I really like it!!”

Alan Pateman, local picky eater, satisfied customer

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